va girls

We’ve been doing a lot of springtime things.

IMG_0390 Skiing at Mt. Bachelor in 60 degree weather, Me, Ethan, Jen, Madalyn, Eric.

IMG_0397Annual Easter egg dying & decorating, Dylan, Hannah and Madalyn.

BEWARE of the rare Portland wind storm, it might blow over one of your trees and put your neighbors house in eminent danger. $$$$ Nuf said.

IMG_0351 IMG_0453Flowers are in full bloom around the house!


Ethan’s nieces were in Oregon for their annual spring break trip and the night they flew back to Virginia we hosted everyone over our place for dinner. My parents and sister happened to be in town for the weekend so everyone got to meet (long overdue). After a takeout Chinese food dinner and entertainment provided by Hannah the girls decided they wanted to do a sewing project. At this point we only had 20 minutes before they had to leave so I grabbed a pile of fabric and my ribbon jar and paper and suggested that they make a pattern. I would then follow their patterns to make their creations. This is what they designed:

IMG_8859IMG_8857Hannah’s circle pillow!

IMG_8860IMG_8856Madalyn’s pillowcase!

Great job girls! Your patterns were much easier to follow than say some written by, Ms. Amy Butler.

A few more shots from the evening:

IMG_0434 IMG_0436
The girls posing with the headbands I made them.

Mouse Trap with Uncle Ethan!


I love this photo (even though it’s a little blurry), Jo Ann, Madalyn, Hannah, Ethan.

Saturday, November 17

Hand stitching Madalyn’s binding on her quilt on the plane yesterday (Twin size and it only took me 4 hours!)

Sunday, November 18

Seashells by the gulf shore.


Uncle Ethan and his girls brave the cool water.


Hannah lost her eighth tooth on a fruit leather.


Tonight’s sunset. Until tomorrow…