We’ve been doing a lot of springtime things.

IMG_0390 Skiing at Mt. Bachelor in 60 degree weather, Me, Ethan, Jen, Madalyn, Eric.

IMG_0397Annual Easter egg dying & decorating, Dylan, Hannah and Madalyn.

BEWARE of the rare Portland wind storm, it might blow over one of your trees and put your neighbors house in eminent danger. $$$$ Nuf said.

IMG_0351 IMG_0453Flowers are in full bloom around the house!


Saturday, November 17

Hand stitching Madalyn’s binding on her quilt on the plane yesterday (Twin size and it only took me 4 hours!)

Sunday, November 18

Seashells by the gulf shore.


Uncle Ethan and his girls brave the cool water.


Hannah lost her eighth tooth on a fruit leather.


Tonight’s sunset. Until tomorrow…

As a birthday gift to myself I do not work on my birthday, never ever. I usually deem the days leading up to and directly following birthday week. I gave a little taste of the day of but here’s how I spent my time:

Tuesday night: Ethan, Jo Ann, Roger and I  went out to dinner at The Observatory in SE. We all ordered the same thing and loved it. Small, reasonable, trendy, tasty.

Wednesday: I cleaned the house, got my hair cut then headed to Salem for a dinner date with Miss Tuesday and Laura (college: friend, teammate, roommate).

Thursday: Laura and I had spent the night at Amber’s so we could get an early jump on a sewing day, but against our better judgement (and what happens all the time when we go to the fabric store) we didn’t start sewing until 4pm. We had a few cute distractions.

Friday: Laura and I got up and headed to Starbucks and a few other errands before embarking on our coastal camping adventure. Top priority was cake. I remembered my co-worker mentioning that her wedding cake came from Lamb’s Market—I know what you’re thinking, a grocery store, that can’t be good, however, it was the best wedding cake I’ve ever had. Luckily they had a miniature version ready just for me. Vanilla-chocolate chip, with a fudgy filling and white frosting.

Friday night: see previous post.

Saturday: Laura, Ethan and I awoke to searing bladder pain (what is it about camping?!), but quickly over came and walked to the beach. We had breakfast/brunch that took us all morning to cook, but tasted yummy. Katie made her specialty, gooey-sweet-cinnamon rolls. We all headed to the beach for sun basking and a few rounds of KanJam. The weather was a dream! Oh and Emily got un-lost and joined us. 😉

Saturday night: we brought a special treat (projector) and watched Julie & Julia while eating stew.

Sunday: Manzanita is seriously cute so my gang walked to town via the beach for a morning snack and store browse.

A fun way to turn 31! Thanks to everyone to celebrated with me and sent me well wishes. I’m ready for new adventures! I just need to go out there and grab them.

For my birthday we all (Ethan, Laura, Stacy and I) piled into Laura’s Sportsmobile and headed to Nehalem Bay State Park Campground on the Oregon Coast, just South of Manzanita. Katie and Mark met us for pizza in Manzanita. Then after dinner we headed to the campsite for yummy vanilla-chocolate-chip cake and milk of course.

Katie, Me, Laura, Stacy. (Not pictured Ethan and Katie’s husband, Mark.) More about our adventures camping to come…

When I was a Freshman at OSU there is or used to be a photography store on Monroe St. While perusing their prints I came across a waterfall called Punchbowl Falls and fell in love. I research it and found out it was in Oregon along the Columbia Gorge. Fast forward 12 YEARS and I finally found myself peeking around the large rocks at it’s majesty.

Only in my dreams do I imagine swimming in it’s blackest of black ice-cold water. It was only a 2.1 mile hike to the falls and it’s apparently the most popular hike in Portland, but there weren’t too many people to be distracting.

Ethan and I hiked a little longer to see what else was around the bend (well the next 10 or so bends). Sometimes I feel like I can walk forever, but we turned around at one of the cool bridges after a photo shoot:

This is a gif I threw together especially for Ethan. (click image)

Ethan recently returned from a week long rafting trip down the Snake River. He came home pretty tan to say the least. Check out his hand tan line! Hells Canyon is an excellent place to work on your tan as I learned growing up over there. Maybe next summer I’ll go along. It’s an internal battle go and have fun or stay home, have fun, and get a lot done. Speaking of, I made a swimsuit! Post to come.