IMG_0599Happy May Day from me and my yard!




Kourtany, Katherine and Tuesday enjoying the hanging chair—can we fit in another?

Yes! But brother (Brody) isn’t a fan.

Crawling Brody.

Crawling Bennet.

Frosted Cookies!
Cookie decorating was a success as always. Click on image above for the sugar cookie recipe.

Kathy and Cody seeking down time.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come and we missed those of you who couldn’t. Next year can we please take a group shot?!

For a special treat I made this punch—yum, yum, yum:

…Ethan and I got the keys to our house and walked through the threshold as homeowners. Here we are October 3, 2011:

To say this past year has been full of nonstop projects is putting it lightly and to say I’ve been good about documenting it, would be a lie. This first house anniversary is putting a stop to that. May I re-introduce you to our dining room:

You might remember my cork board project from March, now full of photos of friends and our adventures with them.

You might also remember this little sneak peek into a project I started in May. Finally finished and I could not be happier with the color, Surfer. It took 15 custom satin spray paint cans. The table is from West Elm and the vase is from Anthropologie (orig. $295 and I got it for $19.99—seriously!)

Four of the chairs have cushions upholstered in charcoal and white home dec fabric I found at Fabric Depot. The text is all NYC neighborhoods, a nod to my parent’s roots.

I love this room. Now all it needs is a fantastic rug and art.

I fully admit I do know know my flowers as maybe I should. I do know that we have Peonies, which are currently 1/5 in bloom, the purple flower is an Azalea and the burgundy leaves are from a Smoke Tree. I'm also learning how to take care of roses (of which we have a lot!) and trying to figure out where to put the raspberries and marionberries I purchased this past weekend. BTW I love farmer's markets.

Things are happening in the dinning room. Eight chairs of different shapes have been thrifted or gifted. Now it's time for priming and painting. Click photo for custom "surfer" color. I'm using these directions.

and that means color!

Now that most of the house has been painted in some form of neutral gray/white it’s time to introduce color. Several days ago I was clicking around the web and stumbled upon Joss and Main. [If you’d like to sign up please use the link provided—I get points for your purchases.] It’s one of those discounted buy-it-right-now-before -someone-else-does sites, but all about home. Some of the discounts I wouldn’t call a discount, but this beauty was 57% off. They create collections to  present the goods which makes it easy to narrow into a specific style preference. After a few minutes a rug caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at it. But why… OMG it’s my favorite fabric print of all time—designed by Kaffe Fassett. Even Ethan recognized it, “Don’t you have a quilt made out of that?” Yes, yes I do.

I’m not sure which room to put it in. It’s so fantastic.

Last night I dyed eggs all natural. I think the trick is letting them soak in the frig over night because I attempted this before and did not turn out as well as these: beets (magenta), red cabbage (pale blue) and turmeric (yellow).

I used these directions:

Weekend project: cork board built-in

Lets see what it looked like in the beginning and what a difference a lot of paint makes:

Then you need a lot of friends who drink wine… or a few lushes:

Add 75 sticks of hot glue + 3 mugs of tea + 1 utility knife + North & South + 1/2 of Bleak House

Check her out! It might be difficult to start pining things:

Paint: Sherwin Williams, glass knobs Rejuvenation, hinges original (used Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to strip—boil soda & water solution, add hardware, let soak for 30–60 mins, works fantastic!)

Thanks to all who have ever saved their corks for me and those of you who will be inspired to do so after reading this post. This is a lot of wine people! I might want to do an entire wall so drink up!