It’s been nearly three months since my last post. A lot has happened, a lot of good. I’m going to refocus “Bear” to be more project centered. At least for the time being. So here goes…


How is it that I never blogged about this quilt? It’s a shame because it’s my most unique and really should be on a bed somewhere in my house. Details here.

IMG_1093Recently it was shown in the Sister’s Quilt Show in Sister’s, Oregon. It got some great traffic and lots of love. The Portland Modern Quilt Guild had a show within the show and mine was one of 16. Here are the other quilts from the guild:

IMG_1098IMG_1078IMG_1080IMG_1082IMG_1083IMG_1084IMG_1085IMG_1086IMG_1087IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1090IMG_1091IMG_1092 IMG_1100IMG_1101


Ethan’s nieces were in Oregon for their annual spring break trip and the night they flew back to Virginia we hosted everyone over our place for dinner. My parents and sister happened to be in town for the weekend so everyone got to meet (long overdue). After a takeout Chinese food dinner and entertainment provided by Hannah the girls decided they wanted to do a sewing project. At this point we only had 20 minutes before they had to leave so I grabbed a pile of fabric and my ribbon jar and paper and suggested that they make a pattern. I would then follow their patterns to make their creations. This is what they designed:

IMG_8859IMG_8857Hannah’s circle pillow!

IMG_8860IMG_8856Madalyn’s pillowcase!

Great job girls! Your patterns were much easier to follow than say some written by, Ms. Amy Butler.

A few more shots from the evening:

IMG_0434 IMG_0436
The girls posing with the headbands I made them.

Mouse Trap with Uncle Ethan!


I love this photo (even though it’s a little blurry), Jo Ann, Madalyn, Hannah, Ethan.

IMG_8831 The Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) started a block of the month challenge and this is February’s: “X and +”   It’s a great way to learn different blocks. The idea is to keep one for yourself and donate one for a charity quilt. I’m donating the one below. 

IMG_8832IMG_8830This block is for a Bee I’m in. The instructions were to make any star and for the background to be grays (the fabric was provided. I used this 5 Point Star tutorial. The center proved challenging (as you can see) but overall not bad.

There are several house projects in progress—more on those later.

Everyone a lot of bloggers reserve a post on Wednesdays to share their WIPs, works in progress. Figured I’d start doing the same:

WIP 3/12Pieced and ready to start machine quilting—that is after I select the backing fabric.

Last December my friend Amber and I got a booth at a craft fair—our first. Here we are:

IMG_9369Modern baby and child dry goods.: quilts, onesies, blankets, crinkle toys, cards, postcards, snack bags, ribbon lampshades—oh my! The show wasn’t our demographic so we went home with leftovers and have since started up the our own Etsy shops.

Here’s a sample of what I have featured:

onsies-1Flower onesies! Seriously cute. Do you have a little one you’re shopping for?

Amber, Life In Color

Julie, The Ribbon Jar (This is Amber’s mom. I have one of her lampshades and they are oh so pretty.)

My “Hannah” quilt won a prize at QuiltCon! Check out the awesome handmade ribbon:


Here’s the announcement on the Modern Quilt Guild’s website. It got high marks for Design, Workmanship, Quilting and Binding. Here’s the comment I received from the judge:

Very subtle quilt even with so much going on. Feels ‘alive!’ Purple on back does not contribute to the quilt, nor does purple binding, but green really works.

I of course disagree very strongly with the purple comment, A. it’s for a 6 year old and B. it’s my trademark to shake it up with the binging. Maybe I’m too modern for the Modern Quilt Guild. Ha! 🙂

Mom, thanks for doing such a fantastic job on the quilting! And thank you Hannah for letting me borrow the quilt for the show.


Kourtany, Katherine and Tuesday enjoying the hanging chair—can we fit in another?

Yes! But brother (Brody) isn’t a fan.

Crawling Brody.

Crawling Bennet.

Frosted Cookies!
Cookie decorating was a success as always. Click on image above for the sugar cookie recipe.

Kathy and Cody seeking down time.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come and we missed those of you who couldn’t. Next year can we please take a group shot?!

For a special treat I made this punch—yum, yum, yum: