“bear” was the nickname given to me by my dad when I was little. He went so far as to deem the Chicago Bears my football team and purchased the jersey you see here. I felt special to have my very own nickname and football team—I will always remember the name Mike Singletary and have an affinity for the color orange (Go Bears/Beavs!).

Content for this blog will range from design (that inspires and that I create) to adventures (I take and hope to take) to family/friends. I live in Oregon. I am an artist. In my professional life I am a graphic designer, in my personal life I make things—a lot of things… you’ll see.

  1. ~M~ said:

    I am from Chicago. And as a young child I lived across the alley from a family with 4 little girls and 1 boy, the eldest. The very youngest girl was called BEAR. For the same reason! I ran into her on FB a year ago and said, “Bear?!?! Is that you???” and she said “OMG! No one has called me Bear in over 20 years!”

    Funny thing is, her real name is Margaret, called Maggie by everyone. But she will always be Bear to me.

    Oh and she is now a massage therapist in Newcastle, WA. So closer to you than me. 🙂

    • pretty much the cutest nickname for a little girl—happy to know I’m not the only “bear.” 😉

  2. louise rasmussen said:

    Wonderful job with the blog! I want to cook the meals you have photographed. I love the combination of design, crafts, travel and food.
    We will be in Hood River for Thanksgiving and then to Portland for the weekend. I will check out the Goodwill on 10th and wonder if you have any recommendations for activities in Portland that weekend. Congratulations on launching the Blog–I love it.

  3. Katie, Just wanted to let you know that I received a call today from and old client going through some old business cards and when they came across this square one and called me; which by the way was the one you designed for me! PS I don’t have your email address, unless you are still using the one from your old job.
    Drop me a note sometime.

  4. Antof9 said:

    I came here to ask you about a quilt I saw on Pinterest, but I read your blurb and love it! My sister was also nicknamed for a football player. Do you remember Bubba Smith? When my mom was pregnant with her, she kicked so much, we said she was playing football in there. My brothers started calling her Bubba Smith before she ever even came out! She’s still “Smith” sometimes, even though she’s 39 and a mom of 4 boys. And boy number four? He was named for her — Smith 🙂

    Anyway, I saw this gorgeous quilt on Pinterest: http://www.flickr.com/photos/themodernquiltguild/5579256015/in/photostream and sent my mom a link to it to ask if it’s something she could make us for a bedspread (our current bedspread has flowers circa 1993 on it). She said: “Would you want it to be washable? I am not sure hers is. Modifications in fabric could be made. It couldn’t be done quickly.”

    So the real question is, do you have a pattern of any kind for this? And if so, do you share/sell?


    • Hi Ant of 9! Thanks for the quilt love! I will attempt a more thorough explanation outlining how to make a similar quilt—being that I didn’t have a pattern and dreamed it up as I went. I haven’t even blogged about it yet. I will do so in the coming weeks. Thanks also for pushing me to blog about it—it’s about time!

  5. I just rediscovered your lovely blog 🙂 ….miss you, friend!

    • Just discovered your blog and have subscribed via Google Reader! Looking forward to reading it! Whenever I think of sandy beaches and warm sun I think of you. 🙂

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