I won a ribbon!

My “Hannah” quilt won a prize at QuiltCon! Check out the awesome handmade ribbon:


Here’s the announcement on the Modern Quilt Guild’s website. It got high marks for Design, Workmanship, Quilting and Binding. Here’s the comment I received from the judge:

Very subtle quilt even with so much going on. Feels ‘alive!’ Purple on back does not contribute to the quilt, nor does purple binding, but green really works.

I of course disagree very strongly with the purple comment, A. it’s for a 6 year old and B. it’s my trademark to shake it up with the binging. Maybe I’m too modern for the Modern Quilt Guild. Ha! 🙂

Mom, thanks for doing such a fantastic job on the quilting! And thank you Hannah for letting me borrow the quilt for the show.

  1. You know, the good thing about feedback is you can take it to heart. Or not. Congrats on the ribbon. That’s quite an achievement.

  2. runandsewquilts said:

    There were so many people mulling around your quilt. Congratulations!

  3. Susan said:

    I just love this quilt and so glad I got to do the machine quilting. I may do the geometric design on the quilt I’m working on now. 🙂

  4. Tracy said:

    I am so impressed Katie! Congratulations to my award winning quilt making friend.

  5. Amber said:

    Love it so much, your workmanship really is some of the best I’ve seen!

    • Awe, thank you. If I start to get sloppy I walk away.

  6. Julie said:

    Way to go Katie! I’ve always have been impressed with your work and I love this quilt! Congratulations!!!

  7. Erin said:

    So great that you were recognized for your beautiful quilt!

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