hannah’s favorite color is green

Last Spring while Ethan’s nieces visited Oregon, I asked them what their favorite colors were. Madalyn had mentioned how all of their quilts/blankets are for babies. That was all the prompt I needed. We see the girls two times a year, Spring Break and Thanksgiving so the quilts had to be done in November.

I made Hannah’s quilt first and was inspired by this Kaffe Fassett quilt:


But I wanted to see what would happen if I started the quilt from the center and built it log cabin style. So I cut a whole bunch of 1.5″ strips and separated my fabric into two piles, lights and darks. I measured my first strip based on the finished size I wanted (twin). Sew, iron, sew, iron, sew… until the strips were getting so long I had to add a step, pin, sew, iron, pin, sew, iron…. Luckily my mom is a long arm quilter and was able to quilt both quilts for me (time saver!). When I got on the plane both bindings still had to be hand stitched. Turns out I can hand stitch a twin size binding on in four hours, but only with a Thimble Lady needle (the very best).

This year we spent Thanksgiving on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama (see previous posts). The first morning we were there I set up one of the bedrooms with the quits for the reveal. (Note, this is a full size bed.)

hannah's quiltThen I took it outside for some beauty shots. Front:

hannah's quilt 2Back:

hannah's quilt 3I wanted to do something special on the back of each quilt so I added an element of the sister’s quilt to each. My hope is that they don’t grow out of these for awhile—I made them long enough (twin XL) for them to take to college, say if they wanted to bring it with them. 🙂

Quilt Con

And for some super exciting news, this quilt has been selected as one of the quilts that will be on display at QuiltCon! It will be part of the Modern Traditionalism category.

hannahposeHannah, age 6, is in a stage where she doesn’t want to get her picture taken, so this is the best shot I got of her looking at the camera.

  1. Susan said:

    I sooooooo love it! And even though I long arm quilted it….I never laid it out to see how it looks on a bed. I really like how the dark and light fabrics come together! With some movement!

  2. Susan said:

    and soooooo much better the Kaffe Fassett’s!!!

  3. sarah said:

    sciarrino! this is awesome! so excited this quilt will be at quiltcon… it’s just gorgeous! hannah is a lucky little girl (as is her sister, because both quilts are amazing)!!

  4. Erin said:

    Sa-weet!! Good work, I love them both!

  5. runandsewquilts said:

    Just home from Quiltcon, I can’t tell you how many people were hanging out at your quilt. We’d pull the white glove people over and explain the back and how it incorporated both quilts. It is a great quilt!

    • Eek! Thank you so much for this comment and for telling the quilt’s story. I’m excited it placed! Do you attend PMQG meetings? I’d love to meet you at the March meeting.

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