who needs a television?

When you have Netflix (instant streaming + one DVD) and a Hulu account (free)—you don’t need a television or cable for that matter. That is unless it’s an Olympic year…. To say I never watch TV is true and false at the same time. I watch a lot of TV shows just not on a television. Fall is go time for series premieres and there is pretty much something to watch daily. Nearly all the links to the right are shows I catch on Hulu.

However, in the off season or in those times you’ve depleted your Hulu queue, because you’ve been working on a quilt that logged so many hours you were also able to watch the whole first season of Game of Thrones, a girl has to get creative.

The following are a few shows I’ve sunk my teeth lately that I deem worthy of a watch (in no particular order):

Thanks to Netflix suggestions for getting me hooked on these—there are several of Catherine Cookson films available, all based on her books. They say things like “Da” for dad, usually always involve a love triangle, strong female characters, are set in the English countryside and as she puts, historical novels about people and conditions she knew. 

More In the same or similar generé:

Wuthering Heights
Jane Eyre
Downton Abbey
North & South
Bleak House
Howards End
Great Expectations

On a completely different note, there is Everest Beyond the Limit. Have you ever thought about climbing Everest? This show will make you think twice about it or at least fantasize about trekking to “base camp,” (Ethan and I are guilty). Basically if I ever get a dog I will seriously consider naming it Sherpa—they are the heros of this Mt.

Three weeks before their wedding David Tutera takes over everything and gives them the wedding of their dreams. OF THEIR DREAMS! I think David might be one of the planet’s most amazing humans of all time. Watch this and thank me later. Netflix also has a few Say Yes to the Dress episodes.

The Guardian, Not my favorite show, but it had me hooked all the way through three seasons and 67 episodes.

Ethan is currently HOOKED on Parks and Rec. I haven’t gotten into it yet. Check out this quilt made but a PMQGer.

Please keep in mind I’m always watching these while multitasking. Otherwise I think I would weight twice what I do now. Do you have any HULU and/or Netflix suggestions? Do tell.

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  1. Amber said:

    I need to save these for when I actually have time to watch something!

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