birthday week

As a birthday gift to myself I do not work on my birthday, never ever. I usually deem the days leading up to and directly following birthday week. I gave a little taste of the day of but here’s how I spent my time:

Tuesday night: Ethan, Jo Ann, Roger and I  went out to dinner at The Observatory in SE. We all ordered the same thing and loved it. Small, reasonable, trendy, tasty.

Wednesday: I cleaned the house, got my hair cut then headed to Salem for a dinner date with Miss Tuesday and Laura (college: friend, teammate, roommate).

Thursday: Laura and I had spent the night at Amber’s so we could get an early jump on a sewing day, but against our better judgement (and what happens all the time when we go to the fabric store) we didn’t start sewing until 4pm. We had a few cute distractions.

Friday: Laura and I got up and headed to Starbucks and a few other errands before embarking on our coastal camping adventure. Top priority was cake. I remembered my co-worker mentioning that her wedding cake came from Lamb’s Market—I know what you’re thinking, a grocery store, that can’t be good, however, it was the best wedding cake I’ve ever had. Luckily they had a miniature version ready just for me. Vanilla-chocolate chip, with a fudgy filling and white frosting.

Friday night: see previous post.

Saturday: Laura, Ethan and I awoke to searing bladder pain (what is it about camping?!), but quickly over came and walked to the beach. We had breakfast/brunch that took us all morning to cook, but tasted yummy. Katie made her specialty, gooey-sweet-cinnamon rolls. We all headed to the beach for sun basking and a few rounds of KanJam. The weather was a dream! Oh and Emily got un-lost and joined us. 😉

Saturday night: we brought a special treat (projector) and watched Julie & Julia while eating stew.

Sunday: Manzanita is seriously cute so my gang walked to town via the beach for a morning snack and store browse.

A fun way to turn 31! Thanks to everyone to celebrated with me and sent me well wishes. I’m ready for new adventures! I just need to go out there and grab them.

  1. Susan said:

    What a wonderful birthday! People say it and you DO it! Love ya, Mom

  2. Wow 31. I remember 31. Have fun…time really does fly. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Erin said:

    Sounds perfect! Happy belated birthday!

  4. Happy, happy 31 years! What an awesome way to ring it all in! Cheers to the years!

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