punchbowl falls—finally!

When I was a Freshman at OSU there is or used to be a photography store on Monroe St. While perusing their prints I came across a waterfall called Punchbowl Falls and fell in love. I research it and found out it was in Oregon along the Columbia Gorge. Fast forward 12 YEARS and I finally found myself peeking around the large rocks at it’s majesty.

Only in my dreams do I imagine swimming in it’s blackest of black ice-cold water. It was only a 2.1 mile hike to the falls and it’s apparently the most popular hike in Portland, but there weren’t too many people to be distracting.

Ethan and I hiked a little longer to see what else was around the bend (well the next 10 or so bends). Sometimes I feel like I can walk forever, but we turned around at one of the cool bridges after a photo shoot:

This is a gif I threw together especially for Ethan. (click image)

Ethan recently returned from a week long rafting trip down the Snake River. He came home pretty tan to say the least. Check out his hand tan line! Hells Canyon is an excellent place to work on your tan as I learned growing up over there. Maybe next summer I’ll go along. It’s an internal battle go and have fun or stay home, have fun, and get a lot done. Speaking of, I made a swimsuit! Post to come.

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