Emily came over last night and we chatted about Podcasts and because there are a few I am loyal (maybe not so loyal to some) to I wanted to share. They are after all free. Listen, enjoy and let me know if there are others you would suggest.

1. Anderson Cooper 360°, I haven’t been as faithful to Anderson in awhile—77 episodes behind
2. etown, music—each show has two performers; recently listened to Imogen Heap, Cake, Bret Dennen
3. NBC Nightly News, all the popular news topics and feature a human interest element
4. NBC Today Show, the first 45ish minutes of each morning’s show
5. Real Sports, highlighting issues within all sports the good and the bad
6. Real Time, seriously love his show, his humor and most all of this beliefs
7. This American Life, stories of real humans, the funny, the sad and the inspiring
8. The Diane Rehm Show, started listening to this in the car on the way to work
9. 60 Minutes, love all the contributors and how fearless they are in their travel and dialog

1 comment
  1. em said:

    Thanks for posting! **takes notes** 🙂

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