first bouquet from the yard

first bouquet from the yard

I fully admit I do know know my flowers as maybe I should. I do know that we have Peonies, which are currently 1/5 in bloom, the purple flower is an Azalea and the burgundy leaves are from a Smoke Tree. I’m also learning how to take care of roses (of which we have a lot!) and trying to figure out where to put the raspberries and marionberries I purchased this past weekend. BTW I love farmer’s markets.

  1. carmen said:

    Raspberries go in the sun and multiply if they are in the right spot! I know this because I planted ours in a shady area, and they barely survived for 3 years until I transplanted them to a sunny area and they shot up and produced a ton of berries the same year. Can’t believe it took three years to leave my denial behind. Of course everything flourishes in Oregon. Drooling over your bouquet. Peonies are gorg!

  2. Susan said:

    B E A U T I F U L!!!

  3. em said:

    Wow! Katie, those look so gorgeous! Love it!!!

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