second baby showers

Some ask “why?” I say “why the hell not!” Second babies are just as important than the first born. My bestie, Amber, is due mid-July and true to form they do not know the sex, which personally I prefer. It makes the anticipation much more exciting! When I asked if anyone had offered to throw her a shower for baby #2 she said no, so jumped at the chance. If you know Amber at all her life theme is Life In Color, so I went with it. Everyone in attendance was assigned a color, a specific pantone color I might add, to dress in and wrap their gift in. Everyone’s interpretation was pretty great!

Here are the invitations to set the theme.

I wanted to finish our sunroom because I knew it would be the perfect entertaining space for this event. Here is the before, during and after:

The ceiling is called Haint Blue and is all the rage in the south. Listen to this story on the origin and folklore. I chose “pool” by Sherwin Williams.

All dressed up for the party!

A few picts of the colorful food and colorful friends:

watermelon, feta and mint

lava flows  (I served mine in jars with stripped straws), these were delish!

all of us in rainbow order!

at Amber’s first shower we played a guessing game where everyone brought a baby photo of themselves—this time I had everyone bring a photo with a sibling. Fun!

We always like to have an element of DIY fun. This year I rounded up Erin and Sarah to work their magic. Erin is a fabulous dyeing machine (see photo above). So awesome! I had everyone choose a flora or fauna icon and sent them over to Sarah to cut with her silhouette. Everyone got to choose the placement of their graphic on “their” onesie—iron and take a photo with Amber:

of course I chose a bear!

Cake time! Seven layers of awesome, surrounded by—you guessed it, gum balls!

inspiration found here.

14 of us chipped in to get her a Baby Hammock—all 28 fingers are crossed that baby #2 is a great sleeper and doesn’t take after big sister when it comes to getting zzzzzzzs.

Karen’s baby, Brody, was in attendance. Such a cutie. Here he’s teaching me how to whistle. Okay so check out my hair. The original plan was to dye a few strips purple, but the dye didn’t take! 😦 I was however able to pull off a 360 french braid (as seen in this video).

Thanks to everyone who came and especially those who helped me with the details. A shout out to Amber’s out of town friends, who’s contributions we felt and appreciated.

Hurray for second showers!

  1. jessilong said:

    Very cute! These dry color rubs are great for dyeing a couple of strands for a day. Of course they are very expensive. I tried the same thing with cheap eye shadow the other day. It worked great!

    • I was going to do the pastel dye method, but was hoping the actual dye would last for awhile. I had never heard of color bug—it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. em said:

    What a colorful day! Amber is so blessed to have so many lovely friends! CONGRATS!!! 🙂 The invites are just gorgeous. ALSO, your hairdo?! Love it!! P.S. Do I spy a pretty cool blue Paper Route tshirt? xo

    • Thanks! I think Erin might have been wearing a PR tshirt. 😉 Check out the link Jessi shared. 🙂

  3. sarah said:

    awesome party sciarrino! it was a wonderfully colorful day!

  4. Susan said:

    Looked wonderful!

  5. Susan said:

    Oh………and that cake…….AWESOME!!!

  6. Erin said:

    You rocked that shower! That was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen! Thanks for hosting!

  7. carmen said:

    AMAZING!! The attention to detail and creativity is something I have only seen (maybe) for a professionally planned wedding! It looks amazing! I LOVE the cake, and am going to try to copy it for my daughter’s birthday. Every detail was totally Amber. I wish I could have been there. Also the food looks so delicious and SO BEAUTIFUL! You have inspired me to step it up for our next party!

  8. Amber said:

    This was the best baby shower of all time, and that is saying a lot since she did my last shower as well and it was amazing! I had so much fun, and of course felt so much love for the baby, and myself. I was seriously spoiled. Big sister is very excited about the baby onsies, and she especially liked the packaging (rainbow balloons). And I’m not sorry I ate about a fifth of that cake myself, it was delicious!

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