katie herzig and andrew belle

This past weekend my mother came to visit for an early mother’s day. This is us last year. We spent a few fruitful hours at Nordstrom Rack—jeans and shoes oh my! and a short Washington Square visit. Then it being Cinco de Mayo we hit the Mexican food scene with Ethan. It was loud and the food was okay and the tequila nasty as ever. Laura and Corley were in town so we hit them up after dinner for a few laughs. They also came over for breakfast. [Laura I cannot wait for the day you move to Oregon.]

My mom and I wrapped up the weekend with a concert—which is what I came here to tell you about. I cannot get enough of these two. I first learned of Katie via my best ever custom Pandora station. Sometime ago Emily steered me towards Andrew, but I over corrected because I thought he sounded too much like Greg Laswell, and well why wouldn’t i just listen to Greg. I was wrong. I should listen to Emily when it comes to music genius, the girl hardly ever miss steps. Anyway, this is them performing Static Waves at the end of Andrew’s set:

Jordan, to Andrew’s right, is a member of Katie’s band and though out the night proceeded to play more instruments than I can remember, including a french horn. Awesome.

Top Andrew Belle songs IMO:

The Daylight

The Ladder

Next up was Katie. I cannot find a video to truly capture the energy she has on stage. It was electric. I felt weird sitting down. Here are a few of my favorites by Katie:


Wish You Well

Hey Na Na

Katies rock!

  1. Susan said:

    And another wonderful weekend spent with my beautiful daughter! Just too fun!

  2. Susan said:

    And everyone noticed my new red sandals!

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