Last month I was interviewed by Mikey from Holstee for their blog about this quilt I made. It was my very first interview and I think it went well (though the entire time listening to it I was thinking “really, that’s how I sound?”). Have a listen. Read the quote. Questions/comments/requests? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you to Mikey and the Holstee family. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

Life is short live your dreams and share your passion.

  1. Susan said:

    Still thinking your quilt is AWESOME! I listened to all the audio interview! Thought it was great! Mikey sounded like a cool guy.

  2. What an amazing interview! I love the craft-cation shout out, he was totally impressed. In your defense, I really don’t think you’re a procrastinator at all! You’re an over achiever with a long list of things keeping you busy. However, you work very well under pressure! Congrats and you sounds wonderful! Go quilt queen and your need to write a book!

  3. I am so affected by this quilt. How long did it take? Was the printing expensive? I have so many questions you should do an online class. Just amazing.

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