i <3 cork, i do not like wine

Weekend project: cork board built-in

Lets see what it looked like in the beginning and what a difference a lot of paint makes:

Then you need a lot of friends who drink wine… or a few lushes:

Add 75 sticks of hot glue + 3 mugs of tea + 1 utility knife + North & South + 1/2 of Bleak House

Check her out! It might be difficult to start pining things:

Paint: Sherwin Williams, glass knobs Rejuvenation, hinges original (used Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to strip—boil soda & water solution, add hardware, let soak for 30–60 mins, works fantastic!)

Thanks to all who have ever saved their corks for me and those of you who will be inspired to do so after reading this post. This is a lot of wine people! I might want to do an entire wall so drink up!

  1. This is 100% seriously rad! Totally in love.with A.) the paint colors B.) amazing shelf backing. Nice work!

    • I like to think of all the house projects that will be finished from now until you see the place next. Makes me smile—unless you’re coming next week. 😉

  2. sarah said:

    love the gray + white… looks so similar to my gray (we have such good taste!) and i love the cork! super fun – should i start saving corks for you?

  3. em said:

    It turned out simply amazing!! I can’t wait to see how you finish it up with the things you’ll pin up! 🙂

    • I’m going to have to be very selective that’s for sure!

  4. Susan said:

    SWEET! And people always ask me what you do with all the corks! 🙂

    • I’ll post an image to Facebook to entice others to give their corks to you. 😉

  5. Amber said:

    Hey it’s a real life pin board! 🙂 So you didn’t worry about cutting the corks? I might have to dig into my wedding stash then. How many sticks of glue for the gun did you use?!?!?! So awesome!

    • There won’t be anymore cork cutting. It’s too painful. I guestimated 75 mini glue sticks, maybe more. 🙂

      • Amber said:

        damn! That’s a ton of glue, how many burns? 🙂

      • zero burns and cuts. I’m a pro. 😉

  6. BJ said:

    I’m pretty sure that is awesome!

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