because we have to eat

The brother’s television watching paid off last weekend. While he was visiting for the weekend we tested a few Portland establishments as seen on the Food Network. BTW his name is Joby and he is single.

First off Saturday breakfast at home as seen on Pinterest: Baked Egg in Avocado
but I cooked it too long—me loves some runny yoke (recommend 10–15min cook time)

Saturday dinner: Podnah’s Pit BBQ The best Mac & Cheese (spicy) and the best BBQ beans (spicy and sweet) I have ever tasted. Joby’s comment during our feast, “I am soo happy right now.” Ethan and Stacy also enjoyed the feast.

Sunday lunch: Bunk Sandwiches, I have been here before but I did not get the Meatball Parmigiano Hero. I will be doing so from now on. It is the best meatball sandwich I have ever had—spicy in a jalapeno way, great sauce and understated bread, like I said perfection.

Now I’m hungry…

  1. em said:

    That’s so awesome you did the egg/avocado combo! I spotted that on Pin, and have not tried it yet. Looks amazing!! And now I’m hungry too…

  2. Susan said:

    You have to take Sarah and Brady to Podnah’s Pit when they go for a visit. Looks great!

  3. Ohhh man… envy, straight up food envy. First time Erik and I ate at BUNK we were blown away with the pulled pork sandwich. Looks like you fed your family well.

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