Mat Kearney: Young Love Concert

Last August the album Young Love came out and I wrote about it here. A few weekends ago Ethan and I went to Eugene to see Mat perform it live at the McDonald Theatre. The acoustics are not great in this venue. We had the opportunity to see him the night before at the Roseland Theatre in Portland, but I’ve already seen Mat there twice, so I thought I’d change it up. Regardless of the sound the show was enjoyable for several reasons.

1. Just before Mat came on stage I ran into my college roommate, Kelly, whom I haven’t seen for 7ish years! She recently moved back to Corvallis from the Mid-West. I’ll be seeing more of her—did you hear that Kelly?!

2. Mat is from Eugene, so his interaction with the crowd is unmatched. For instance he was talking about being born at Sacred Heart and asked everyone who was born there to raise their hands. The percentage of hands raised was impressive. I’d say near 75%. Ethan was one of them.

3. Maybe it’s just his Oregon concerts, since he’s among friends, but Mat enjoys entering the crowd during one of his songs. During the last concert he got so close to Emily and I we may have brushed an arm. Anyway, it gets the crowd excited and he seems to LOVE it.

4. “Who plays the drums?” About four hands raised up and Mat points at one dude and asks him to come up on stage and play the bass. Nice job dude!

5. Mat starts talking about his opener, brings him out on stage and starts saying how they’ve been working on a song together and they thought they’d play it… a few notes in and I turn to Ethan and mouth, “Adele!” (borrowed video)

Here’s a video from another concert goer. Much better angle than I.

See you at the next show Mat!

1 comment
  1. em said:

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!! This is soooo great! I love his Adele cover. Atta boy! The “not impressed” lady, cracks me up. That was DEFINITELY NOT us, last time. Thanks for sharing, Katie 🙂

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