a christmas story

Last night Emily and I went to see A Christmas Story at Portland Center Stage. Hands down the coolest set I’ve ever seen—rich/colorful/vintage/lovely—playing now through Christmas Eve. A Christmas Story is my dad’s all-time favorite Christmas movie—it’s at the top of a very long list including: Bells of St. Mary’s, Holiday Inn, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bishop’s Wife…. He would have loved this adaptation.

Ralphie upstairs in him room writing his “theme” paper while his mother and brother eat breakfast, under the narration of grown-up Ralph.

Goldblatt’s Santa visit, complete with slide and crazy “ho!, ho!, ho!” elf.

End scene—stage amess with Christmas morning’s aftermath.
Go see this while you still can!

Walking back to the car we ran into an army of Santas.

We decided to have our moments with the santas. Thanks to Emily for accompanying me!

Three more days till Christmas—ready or not!
PS If you’re craving made-for-tv Christmas flicks available at NetFlix: here and here.

  1. em said:

    This is such a lovely series of events! Look at all those Santas! Such a great find 🙂

    Thanks again for such a wonderful Winter evening, my dear friend! I was so happy to be your partner in crime for this. I say we try to attend more plays. Also, someday, I’ll be helping to build those stages. DREAM BIG.

    love youuuuuu!

  2. Susan said:

    Way cool. Nice to have some culture nearby. Don’t forget Three Godfathers. Awesome 40s John Wayne movie.

  3. Susan said:

    Hey that was me. Your mom must be signed on this computer.

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