halls are decked

As promised in the previous post I said I’d explain what we’re making in this photo. Last year I found the cutest snowman button ornament and tutorial—after Christmas—luckily we now have Pinterest to organize our inspirations, so it wasn’t easily forgotten. I wanted to take a project for young and old to participate in and I knew this would easily make the journey to Florida.

Here are a few I made before the trip:

Once we got back from Florida we got in Christmas mode so on our way back from the Civil War (don’t ask) we stopped at White Christmas Tree Farm. I highly recommend them. The day we went eight-graders were raising money for a trip to Washington D.C. One of them was a adorable little red-headed boy who was all about helping us. Noble 7′ $25. Can’t beat it.

I couldn’t wait to decorate it! It’s seriously one of the highlights of Christmas. Once I got all the ornaments on (every one of them I love btw) it needed more. Luckily Emily and her sister, Amanda, came over for a mini craft session and we crafted up some paper flowers.

To further dec the halls I fought the christmas lights battle outdoors. Many fond memories assisting my dad with the lights every year. I learned all I know about lights from him. I had to get a little creative around some power lines.

AND we have a wreath!

Progress IS being made on the house—my brother was here for a 24 hour visit and helped us with this project—more later.

  1. Susan said:

    Loving the ornaments! and Joby helping you out!

  2. Susan said:

    Also love the wreath! Beautiful!

  3. Amber said:

    As someone who was just there last night; I can attest that it does indeed look lovely!

  4. I am in love with your Christmas tree flowers. Brilliant idea! Your place looks amazing!

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