month 1: owning a house

bye bye apartment

going in for the first time


tex is our first helper (dining room)

living room

upstairs bathroom

office/guest room

guest room

sun room


amber in the living room

front of house, me with birthday balloons

ethan in the master bedroom

seven layer birthday cake

first item in the freezer

stacy and tuesday cozy up by the fire

home depot washing machine delivery

eric demos the wallpaper in the hall

mom scrubs the pantry

mom painting trim in the living room

joann cutting in the living room

laura taping the kitchen

martin taping the kitchen

help party breaking for pizza

brothers chilling on the patio

ethan working in the yard—this leads to disaster

joann made delicious lasagna

first game night with mom and dad

make it blue! (kitchen)

amber, emily and me—food before work; my first time at Burgerville

amber and I attack the bathroom trim

our pet spider

bathroom built-in

poison oak 😦

poison oak—I spared you the more horrendous photos, this actually looks pretty good; now we know Ethan is part of the 4/5 that are allergic.

garden location

one/three dying birch trees

for the garage?

Thanks to everyone who came over to help us! More picts and updates to follow.

  1. Erin said:

    Yay! I know it’s hard work, but that looks like so much fun! Congratulations.

    • Laurie—this is awesome! I must admit that I do like the pink/salmon tile floor. 🙂

  2. Ohhhhh you guys are so amazing! I can’t believe how much work you’ve done! I love your paint choices. Wish we could be there. Watch out for that poison oak! YIKES!


  3. what a great home… looks awesome sciarrino!

  4. em said:

    Such wonderful photos!!! You have so many amazing people in your life 🙂 Congratulations again!

    P.S. that spider… I can’t even…

    • Emily—Just updated the post to show that you are part of my amazing people! Spidie says hi!

  5. jen said:

    congrats! cannot wait to see your home!

  6. Susan said:

    Too funny… I just checked out the “Save the pink bathrooms” site.

  7. carmen said:

    I am so happy for you guys! Isn’t the ring supposed to come before the house? -totally kidding. (that is what my Dad said when we bought our house!!) Congrats! Your place looks amazing, and really big- especially for Portland. You guys look so happy!

    • That’s what all parents say. How do you know if you want to marry someone if you don’t test the waters first? I better start picking out a ring style… just in case. 😉

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