Modern Quilt Guild: project modern challenge 4

typography quilt, 9/2011
what I wrote for the challenge submission (winners to be announced Oct. 15):
This challenge pushed me to fuse my two passions and allowed me to make a quilt that expresses the essence of me—who I am as a person, graphic designer and the aesthetic towards which I gravitate. The entire top is leftover fabric from other projects and pieced together in vertical strips increasing in size from left to right—with random widths worked in. Mostly white, with subtle peeks of color. The backing is a purple and white watercolor stripped fabric from Kaffe Fassett and the binding is stripped shirting. I absolutely love stripped binding. I had fun with the quilting, mostly vertical zig-zag stitches and some decorative stitches for variety. I also varied the thread color—cream, red and purple. What I am most excited about is the stenciling. I’ve been thinking about stenciling on quilts after they’ve been pieced for awhile and this challenge became the perfect opportunity. I’ve been holding onto this quote for over a year—it’s the manifesto of a company called Holstee. My stenciling process was this: set the type in the dimensions I wanted on the computer, print at FedEx Office on their over-sized plotter, slice the print in 18″ x 60″ sections, overlay each section with freezer paper, cut out each letter by hand with an xacto knife, once each section was cut out, fuse the freezer paper to the top of the quilt with an iron, then paint with Seta Color fabric paint (the best), once all sections are painted let dry for 24hrs, heat set with an iron and wash it (twice). Washing it twice really gave the worn effect I wanted. To the touch the type feels like part of the fabric—it isn’t rigid or scratchy. With being a designer comes the innate love for typography—typography on a quilt I think so! This is the first part in a series of typography quilts. Mark my words.
Here are a few images of the process:

making sure the measurements are correct for the top of a queen

overlay freezer paper on top of printed text

cutout each letter with an xacto knife by hand

iron freezer paper onto fabric, paint and peal when dry (24ish hours)

finished painted top after heat set and before wash

backing and binding

post quilting
random bits of color

close up
For those of you who frequent the PMQG meetings I will be conducting a crash course on freezer paper stenciling on October 20.
  1. Wow! Can’t wait to see it in person! What a great idea, congrats on how it turned out! 🙂

    • Do you come to PMQG meetings? If so say hello at the meeting! I can’t seem to place you. 🙂

  2. Erin said:

    Awesome idea, I love how it turned out!

  3. the idea and the execution = brilliant. love seeing photos of your process, and i am SO impressed with your xacto skills!

  4. Sciarrino, this quilt is blowing my mind. Pure, 100% raw awesome!

  5. Holy Holstee, Batman!
    Wowzerini! Beautifully done! I need to quit now.

  6. Amber said:

    Seriously, and so much more awesome in person! When ever I saw crazy stencil/exacto work in Martha, I always thought, “who would be able to do that?” You, thats who!

  7. Susan said:

    Just love it! And what great words we should all live by. 🙂

  8. carmen said:

    your quilts are amazing. AMAZING!

  9. Mikey said:

    hey there! this is amazing! wow. i work for holstee and live in SE portland. would love to meet up for tea and hear more about how you came across holstee and decided to make a manifesto quilt. was even thinking we could do a mini interview for our blog- please drop me an email or connect on FB.

  10. Diana Allen said:

    How AMAZING!! Love your quilt and the quotes!

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