sewn cards



This past weekend I finished a project started during craftcation 2011. Cards! While we were in the midst of freezer paper stencils I started experimenting on printed fabric (foreshadowing alert). After heat setting I washed and ironed the pieces. I had a few of my favorite stripped cards left and went to town with my decorative stitch sewing machine—fell in love with the heart and burst settings. Thanks for the kick in the ass to make cards Sarah B!

The 22 is for my sister, Sarah, who turned 22 yesterday. Happy Birthday sis!




  1. Erin said:

    Those turned out awesome! I should have been peeking over your shoulder more…

    • I know right! I’m right with you on the crafty fall/winter to come. Once the new house is settled I plan on having repetitive craft weekends. BTW watched Monday night. The EPA needs to get their shit together.

  2. those cards are seriously so awesome! even before seeing the finished project, i knew they’d be super cool…but they are so much cooler in person! thanks for mine! and thanks for the photos. so glad you like the potholders too – my mom was excited to hear you liked them 🙂

  3. Susan said:

    Forgot to mention I liked the card you sent with the pictures! I did notice the cute sewn heart!

  4. Amber said:

    Wow they turned out so awesome. That heart stitch is cool!

  5. I am seriously in love with these cards!

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