craftcation 2011

We decided to organize a beach craftcation. A vacation full of crafting.

This past weekend the six of us met up at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. We came from Edmonton, Corvallis, Portland, Salem, Hood River and Lake Oswego. We worked on individual crafts and took turns instructing. I worked on my Project Modern quilt challenge 4. Post to come Sept 30.

mini books | instructor = amber | supplies = assortment of paper goods and art supplies

necklace | instructor = kristen | supplies = image, chain, locket, mod podge

fabric stencils | instructor = me | supplies = fabric, freezer paper, paint, paint brushes

organic dye | instructor = kristen | supplies = cabbage, beets, blackberries, turmeric

food tripping | instructor = erin | supplies = mberry tablets, assortment of sour food—what was sour became intensely sweet

Not pictured: bottle cap craft by Jenna and card making by Sarah (I’ll post my cards in a separate post.)

Begrudgingly (took some convincing to pause from crafting) we took in the sunset and scored some awesome photos.

Amber, btw I like your skirt.

Sarah, Amber, me, Kristen, Erin, Jenna.

Delicious gourmet grilled cheese made by Kristen.

Scrap booking queens, Sarah and Amber.

Cute beach house a block from the beach.

Excited for craftcation 2012!

  1. LOVE the photos. LOVED our weekend.
    (and see? sunsets are worth pausing for!)

  2. Amber said:

    Such a fun trip. I love that skirt too… think I could get away with wearing it every day?

  3. Great, great photos and I love your re-cap. Isn’t it fun to look back at the photos… it really was a blast.

  4. Erin said:

    Awesome pictures! I can’t wait for next year, I’m currently gearing up for a very crafty winter thanks to the inspiration you all provided!

  5. Lovely Pictures. If your are looking for more craft ideas then you can make use of the bottle caps. Also these are easy to use.

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