Mat Kearney: Young Love

I could not love Mat’s newest album more. Every song is relatable, personal, timeless, brilliant. I hope not to over play it and to love it forever. (I do have my favs.* absolute fav**)

1. *Hey Mama (about first meeting his wife (gorgeous all around) at Anthropologie—hello my favorite store!

2. *Ships In the Night (love the sound—layers at the beginning then into his trademark spoken-word. "Trying to find our way down a road we don't know.")

4. **Sooner or Later (:49–1:40min 1:54–2:08min OMG! I fell in love with his voice all over again.)

5. Chasing the Light

6. Learning to Love Again (love me some guitar)

7. *Down (I love songs that tell a story. :40–1:06min! This is a three parter about human struggles. Shout out to God.

8. *She Got the Honey (:39–1:07 great chorus; great one to blast in the car)

9. *Young Dumb and In Love (almost has a 50s flair 2:25–2:37min; great one to blast in the car; "If I'm honest I fell for you that first night." Annie, you are one lucky girl.)

10. Rochester (Michael P. Kearney, Mat's father's story; a life exposed, beautifully written. I wonder where his father is now.)

11. *Seventeen (I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that is a true Mat story (I searched and there is a high & 13 in Eugene). Are he and his wife expecting?! "Funny how the years switch around the tears.")

I’ve seen Mat in concert twice—he knows how to work it. What is it about musicians….

  1. Susan said:

    Maybe I can go to one of his concerts with you. 🙂

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