the s’mores cookie

I found the perfect s’mores cookie recipe!

Even the instructions are perfect. I found myself collecting s’more recipes, here and here (both I have yet to make). This past weekend I went rafting on the Deschutes River and knew the rafting party would appreciate some home baked goodies, so I whipped them up the night before we left. They were all eaten in 24 hours. Delish! Slightly toasted marshmallow on a cookie surface is something I will experiment with in the future. Maybe all cookies need a little mallow. I will be making these again and again and again.

  1. Those look amazing, I must have one ASAP! I will be baking tomorrow evening!

  2. Amber said:

    Dude! This is brutal, I want one now!

  3. sarah said:

    these look amazing! i wish i had seen this before i was out and about on errands, i’d have picked up the ingredients. i will soon though! thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. em said:

    I WANT. Will be trying these next time I visit my family 🙂 It’s always fun to bake with my sister and brother 🙂

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