matchy matchy

Not my style. I think before now I was hesitant to hone a style. Not that I think I’ve grasped just what it is exactly, but I’ve found spaces I respond to best are eclectic—in the best way. Maybe it’s because my boyfriend and I are house hunting and the thought of designing interiors (and being able to do whatever I want to them) excites me more than regaining the ability to jump. [ACL tear in May surgery in August] And my sense for all things interior decorating is very sensitive—thanks in large part to my blog library (see list at the very bottom of this blog) and Anthropologie.

I have a random collection of Anthropologie napkins. I get them on sale for $3.95 (orig. $8). I also have a more broad brand collection of dish towels. So I’m thinking why not start collecting various plate designs. The set of dinnerware I have now are white with a light blue strip on the edge—pretty neutral. I picked them up from Goodwill for $20. Mostly dinner plates so I need to supplement. Anthro usually has a lot in their sale room… here’s hoping a few of these gems go on sale.

I in no way take credit for these photos or the design behind them. They are only a random fraction of the inspiration I’ve been collecting from other’s blogs. Texture-graphic-bold pattern—makes me very happy.

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  1. I love each and everyone of these rooms! I’m so excited to see how you channel your design eye into your home! Happy house hunting!

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