everyone I know is having a boy

Like this mama! Another Katie (with a loooooong last name). Last weekend our friend Kathy hosted a lovely shower in her honor. A bunch of crew girls, kids, food, games oh my! Katie is trying on a baby carrier made by Amber (not a real baby). I gifted her a few of my trademark burp-rags but wasn’t able to get the knitting done in time.

Never fear Katie and Josh they are on their way today! Knitted from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies. The surprise is with the other button.

Thanks to Katie for making me feel guilty for not posting since…5/19?! So this past month has been a little crazier than usual. Guess who tore her ACL (and maybe Meniscus)? ME! All because of a little volleyball game in WI, soggy grass and Chucks. The good news is I can now ride a bike and elliptical until my surgery in July. Also good news that I can be fixed and in six months good as new.

  1. sarah said:

    oh no! sciarrino, i’m so sorry you’re injured. like you said, glad you can be fixed 🙂 also? those little booties are ADORABLE. love the yarn you used too. lucky baby!

  2. Yarn was made by Amber this is my third pair of booties made with it. I think I will have a lot of knitting hours in July. Boo and yeah at the same time.

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