My mom, susan marie. Image, circa I don’t know. I may have been alive when this photo was taken. I’m imagining myself rolling around on the blanket below, while mom looks pensive.

This past Sunday we celebrated her 29th mother’s day. We only had a short time (21 months) when I didn’t have to share her with siblings. There are many things to love about our relationship… okay what’s not to love… she could live closer. We are lucky and seem to have escaped the drama all 29 years. We enjoy many of the same activities, which kept us busy all weekend…

gifting #1 these wellies and #2 pedicure—her first ever! (I like to push her to try new things) she loved it,

eating at Pine State Biscuits,

waiting in line for Crafty Wonderland—ensuring we were one of 200 (#s 45 & 46!) through the door first = free stuff,

posing in photo booths,

mansioning at Pittock Mansion,

crafting—she brought instructions for us to make Bali Bags and I lost interest, but took their idea and made a little zipper pouch (which turned into gift #3).

There was also garage sailing, movie watching and shopping.

Thanks for visiting mom! One of my dreams is to someday live close enough to my parents where I can call them up and say, “I’m coming over, see you in 20.”

  1. Amber said:

    Awe sounds like you guys had an awesome time!

  2. Susan said:

    Just LOVE you!!! Your posts and words make a Mom feel great!!! My gifts were awesome!

    Do we need to consider moving then??? Can’t afford Lake Oswego.

    Love always, MOM

  3. Marie Guarino said:

    My big sister always beautiful!!!!!!!Love the 1st photo

  4. Susan said:

    Thanks Marie……I wish I could call you and say I’d be over in 20! 🙂

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