summer neck wear

I’m behind in posting about this necklace. You see, Amber posted about it, then soon after Kristen posted about it… weeks ago. It was Kristen’s idea to have the focus of our craft evening be to replicate a necklace seen on coco+kelley. A beauty. Amber/queen-of-the-seed-bead was in and it took no convincing on my part—of course I was in. Kristen is an idol of mine in the jewelry making realm (among others) and she took the lead in making:

Special thanks to Amber and Kristen for letting me snag a few of their prized beads, also my good friend Laura for gifting me the pottery beads oh-so-long-ago (the three brown ones), and Tuesday for being my model (I made her turn around because her cuteness is way to distracting). Whenever I wear it I’ll think of all of you.

Story time:
Since we’re on the subject of beads I’ve got a little story to tell: For those of you who don’t know, I was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Lived there until I was 6 1/2. I have a 21 month younger brother, both our parents worked, so we frequented daycare. Dixie was our babysitter and she watched kids at her house. I don’t know if I liked her or going over there because all of my memories are unfavorable, but that’s how it tends to go—we’re quick to remember the bad. One such unfavorable memory goes like this. One day I wore a beaded bracelet and it broke in the house onto the shag carpet. Instead of picking up the beads I fled the scene and continued onto my playing duties. After a little bit I heard Dixie yelling for me and before I knew it I was being dragged by the arm into the hall to see my brother in tears. So get this—he shoved them up his nose! WTF bro!? I got in serious trouble and my brother was taken to the emergency room for extraction. Now every time I see a bead I think of  how my brother got me in trouble. Mom have any memories of this incident?

  1. sarah said:

    beautiful! i want to make one too 🙂

  2. Amber said:

    Geez traumatic bead experience! Love the necklace, I couldn’t figure out whose back of the head that was, lol!

  3. Susan said:

    Thank God some of my bad memories have been erased over time. But since you were the one in trouble…I can understand how you’d have a memory of the incident. I hated having to take you to childcare….never really knowing how your child is being taken care of is hard. I’m hoping you’ll be able to be home with your kids when the time comes. 🙂

    On another note………love the necklace!!!

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