crew girl valentine’s day

My annual crew girl event is Valentine’s Day (this year it was early due to a Feb. 14th due date). I’ve been hosting a cookie decorating party for four years. This year had some exceptionally decorated hearts:

Recipe is from my grandma Millie:

Ang, Ethan, Katherine, Kourtany, Karen, Kristen, Katie L., Tracy, Kathy, Katie B., Tex, Amber

Cookies submitted to the decorating contest. Tracy chose the middle top cookie, decorated by Katie L.

Amber and Grant (Kathy’s son).

Back row: Kristen, Katherine, Katie B., Karen, Kourtany, Kathy, Grant, Ethan, Ang; Front row: Amber, Lauren, Tracy, Tex, Katie L., me

Amber, Katie B., Lauren, Kristen, Katie L., Tex.
We always seem to end up chatting in the kitchen—100% girl talk.

  1. Amber said:

    Great photos, it was so much fun! You did a fabulous job putting it all together and the venue was perfect!

  2. em said:

    I am so in love with the top collage of the cookies! Mouthwatering 🙂 Seems like the cookie party was yet another SUCCESS! Good work ladies!

  3. Sciarrino, your party was fabulous and your cookies are always a delight! Thanks so much for the fabulous get-together. Pics are awesome by the way!

  4. Susan said:

    YUM YUM!!! Wish I had been part of the crew team…….could have been a coxswain! :0

  5. Kristin Tryon said:

    Man, do I miss that great sugar high/rush after cookie decorating! Thanks for the great post! Miss you gals lots and lots!!!

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