it was the most wonderful time of the year III

A Eugene Christmas

Meet Ethan’s mom, Jo Ann, and her partner, Roger. Two of the most supportive and generous couples we know. Ethan and I headed down to Eugene the weekend before Christmas to celebrate—boy did they have surprises for us! First of all I got my vary own hand-made stocking, by Jo Ann who has made everyone who’s anyone a Christmas stocking. (Mom do the bears remind you of a trio of ornaments we have!?) It is perfect… wonder if she knows about my blog and that’s why she chose bears… must ask. If you look extra close you can see an enormous surprise they bestowed upon us (WOAH!). In the morning there were biscuits and bacon and eggs—yum!

A Halfway Christmas

siblings: Me, Joby, Sarah

This my friends is what I was racing home (Halfway, OR) for Christmas Eve—The DVD Swap, a tradition since 2007. Our parents shop the deals and wrap up nine dvds. We let Sarah go first, because she’s the youngest—it’s only fair. We take turns unwrapping, stealing if we wish and in the end walking away with three each. This year I scored Cinderella Man, Benjamin Button and The Break-up.

the characters: Joby, Ethan, myself, Sarah, Brady, Mom/Susan, Dad/Joe

Ah, Christmas morning. Here’s what I love about these photos—everything! My brother’s facial expressions kill me! After looking at this lot one might think we’re a playful bunch, and one would be right. Everyone got special socks from me that I made them wear. Brother got new seat covers for his Tacoma, brother got me a GPS, Ethan got a Beaver shirt, sister got a fishing pole, Brady got a plaid shirt, mother got a watched (later to be returned), father got a book (or ten), … among many MANY other things.

Christmas Day Eve brother and I made a spread of hor dourves to appease all palates.

Then, dad had a birthday, it snowed… and snowed… and snowed. L–R, T–B: Dad shovels snow for hours, downtown Halfway, the valley from above, my parent’s new roof and siding (my mother would like you to know that is the color of the siding and not the paint color).

All to return to the western half of the state to this. Mount Hood you and your buddy Sunset are gorgeous.

The End.

  1. Amber said:

    I’ve never heard about your DVD swap, that’s cool! Beautiful Christmas!

  2. I love the sock idea. I think I might have to steal that idea and make it a Christmas eve tradition. Looks like a hoot! Movie night at your place?

  3. Susan said:

    Just love to look at your blog! You really captured how special Christmas at home is. You make it a little crazy……socks, games…………..laughs. Thank you!

  4. Susan said:

    And I like the stocking Jo Ann made for you.

  5. kristinah Henson said:

    Hi! Found your blog through Amber’s blog and it’s very fun! Looks like your Christmas was a blast! Made me wish that 1-I lived in Oregon and 2- Your brother was single!!! What a cutie!!

    • Wait a sec—my brother IS single! Who are you, Kristinah, and where do you live? 🙂

  6. kristinah Henson said:

    I am just a creeper who thinks creeping is creepy, so I never read people’s blogs without posting! I am from the midwest (Illinois, to be more precise) and teach pre-k. Love Amber’s projects,a your projects, and your combined stuff. Thought I’d check your blog for more cuteness and TADA! there was your brother! and… he’s a total cutenik! Feel free to share my e-mail if he is into talkin’ in up with a corn fed girl a mazillion miles from where he lives!

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