it was the most wonderful time of the year II

A crew girl christmas, complete with sugar, a blind gift exchange and laughs. Christmas isn’t complete without this annual gathering of the rowers.

BR: Katie, Kathy, Karen, Katie, Tracy, Tex, Katie
FR: Kristen, Angela, Amber & Tuesday, Lauren
See why we go by our last names—too many ks!

Host Amber knows how to make the best cement-frosting. Everyone else brings the decoration. (Wait till you see our annual Valentine’s gathering!)

This year Kristen (right) wins the home tour—well done lady!

More stealing than usual this year, which is good—keeps everyone on their toes. I should mention that Tracy is pregnant and little mister was flirting with the ladies—hence the belly feel-up.

Up next on the blog, family Christmases (I have got to catch up)…

  1. Amber said:

    So fun, I love our crew girl Christmas!

  2. I agree. I love our crew Christmas. It wouldn’t be a Christmas season without it.

    It cracks me up that Kathy is always the one to get the “stealing” going. Secretly, I’m glad she does.

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