it’s a great day to be a beaver

Season 2010 in review (click images to enlarge)

OSU at Washington | October 16
Excuse me mister, Beavers only in this photo!

OSU vs CAL | October 30
I don’t know if he goes by some sort of name, but I’ll refer to him as “O-fro,” 50 yard line, every home game—this dude is awesome. After the game Ethan and I run (literally) over to McMenamins for tots, beer and cider, then next door to Yogurt Extreme. Then I get to drive home because my cider was of the non-alcoholic variety.

OSU vs USC | November 20
O-fro, a win and this time Kristen and Erik joined us for the post-game.

OSU vs Oregon | December 4
College Game Day, seats in the Duck section (only one memorable UO ass), there was excitement, we were hoping for more gutsy plays, O-fro was there (I’ll miss him when he graduates)—best quote I heard yesterday (from a UO fan about another), “never trust a man wearing a flag”—a loss, but it’s always a GREAT day to be a Beaver!

  1. em said:

    I love the collection of game day photos 🙂 I agree, it’s a great day to be a Beaver, win or lose, we are pretty darn fantastic! xo

  2. Susan said:

    Looks like a lot of fun……win or lose…..GO BEAVERS!

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