live for weekends

most fun happens on the weekend:

ace hotel
“little winter handmade sale” happened at the Ace Hotel, downtown Portland, Oregon

Tuesday happened. Amber, Kristen and I got together on Saturday to sew. Amber’s basement is the optimum space, even Tuesday thinks so—see how badly she wants in. Aw…

But it was all business downstairs. Kristen worked on a “saw that, made this” project. The teal and orange pumpkins were purchased, the others she made (she’s sure to post more about it on her blog). Aren’t they great—mom I already know you want one. Amber and Kristen made camera strap covers. Amber further procrastinated on her “triangle quilt” and made a pillow for her self and an owl bag for Tuesday. I worked on my project modern quilt that isn’t to be revealed yet. We left Salem around 10:45 p exhausted, but satisfied with our progress.

Art happened. We decided to take advantage of a Bank of America perk, Museums on Us, and headed downtown Portland on Sunday. While walking to Portland Art Museum I made a few new discoveries. First off the Goodwill on 10th is amazing—set up like a boutique. Then I saw an olive oil “bar.” And another make-it-yourself yogurt place (the one in Corvallis on Monroe is the best I’ve come across). Then—there seems to be a store (10th and Yamhill) closely associated with Crafty Wonderland, that wasn’t open yet, but has the coolest window displays… more on that later—this just in.

Hexagon pillow stopped happening because I finished it! Christina taught me how to make hexagons at the PMQG July meeting. I used the charm squares we swapped at the May meeting.

and finally DST happened and I am awake at what was last night 10:30, but now 9:30.
weekends are my favorite.

  1. Dude you beat me to it! I love how you finished off the hex pillow, but I’m surprised, no zipper?!?! Also the crafty wonderland store open tomorrow I think, I just got an email. I love weekends too!

    • I just got the Crafty Wonderland email too—very cool. And I decided everything needs to be soft it’s it’s going to be on the bed so no zipper. 🙂

  2. sarah said:

    hooray for fun weekends! especially ones that involve crafting. i LOVE your hex pillow! i really want to learn to make hex’s, but i’m afraid i won’t have the patience for all that hand sewing.

    also, that photo of tuesday smooshed against the window made me laugh out loud! hilarious!

    p.s. i had never heard of crafty wonderland…that looks crazy fun!

    • Doesn’t it I’m even taking off that Friday to attend (CW)! You must go. Tuesday was being incredibly adorable I could not get enough.

      • sarah said:

        re: CW, is there a super secret friday event? i thought it said 12/11 + 12/12 (sat/sun)?

      • Nope you are right. Sat & Sun.—I’m still taking Friday off!

  3. ~M~ said:

    That hexagon pillow is just fantastic. I love it love it love it.

  4. I’m in love with your Hex-pillow! Amazing! Good thinking nix-ing the zipper. Zipper = scratchy. Okay, we’re in… all taking off friday for a full girls shop, Oh and lunch. Because that’s what ladies do!

  5. em said:

    I still can’t get enough of little miss Tuesday 🙂 She’s adorable times 10. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Museums on Us deal!! I never knew!

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