ruffle lamp shade

This post will be the first in a series of “saw that, made this.”

I saw that at Anthropologie.

Made this in an hour. You should have seen it before, black with gold pom-pom trim. Tis much better!

1. cut fabric into 1–1.5″ strips
2. serge edges
3. baste stitch down the center
4. make ruffle: pull the bobbin string, scrunch, pull, scrunch, pull…
5. glue (or hot glue) a straight line from top to bottom of your shade
6. carefully tack the center of a ruffle strip down, finger press
7. fold the top and bottom under and tack down with more glue
8. continue all the way around until done

  1. I love this idea. Like you said we are always saying, “we can make that!” Super fun.

  2. amber said:

    yeah! love the blog! so excited about your blog adventures! and this is adorable!

  3. knew I was going to get that question—will add details soon!

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! 😉 Love the header!

  5. Ummmm… is it wrong of me to say yours IS WAY BETTER! Love the blog!

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