year 28

Deciding what my first post would be was the second major hurdle to starting a blog (first being the design of it all)—after much prodding by my dear friend Amber—may I present: a photo montage of the past year, summarizing what I do and where I go for fun—an introduction to my adventurous side:

Oct. Belingham, WA | flew in a cessna to the San Juan Islands
Nov. Pensacola Beach, FL | Thanksgiving with Ethan’s family
Dec. Waikiki, HI | Taro’s wedding—first time in Hawaii!

Jan. Lake Oswego, OR | testing out the new Kitchen Aid
Feb. Zigzag, OR | over nighter at Ramona Falls
March Portland, OR | Mat Kearney concert!
April Waldport, OR | Easter with Ethan’s Family
May Dechutes River, OR | Ethan’s birthday raft trip
June Belingham, WA | first time sailing with Laura and Corley
July Sun River, OR | fun weekend with the Govers
Aug. (really June) Crater Lake, OR | I cheated—didn’t take many photos in Aug—don’t go to CL in June
Sept. Halfway, OR | Pine Eagle High School 10 year reunion!

To ensure year 29 is just as full and exciting, Ethan and I started it of with a bang—Yosemite. Post to follow.

  1. Julie said:

    Congrats on having a blog… ! It’s sure to be amazing! Love it so far!

  2. My freaking mother beat me to the first comment!!! Are you kidding me? 🙂 See, I create blogging monsters. Can’t wait to read about your awesome adventures and craftiness! Love ya!

  3. sarah said:

    YAY! so glad the blog is up – like amber said, i can’t wait to see more of your craftiness and your adventures! i’m still in awe over that ramona falls photo – i need to go there someday!

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